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From the journal of a past slavegirl I owned: 'We arrived back at his apartment and he pulled into his parking space in the garage. He then told me to take my skirt off again, which I did. He then got out of the car, taking my skirt with him! I knew what was coming and my immediate thought was that he would simply hand me my skirt should anyone see me walking to his apartment completely bottomless. But he opened the trunk and placed it inside, then closed it. He then opened my door and told me to follow him. I shouldn't have, but I hesitated for a moment. What were the odds that someone would come out of their apartment during this long walk I had ahead of me? I quickly assessed the situation and came to the conclusion that it was low simply because it was the middle of the day on a weekday. Everyone was at work. But, then, there ARE people in the leasing office, and maintenance people, etc. God, I was so aroused at being caught practically nude and my owner walking me down that long hallway. I got out of the car and walked with him. I tried covering my pussy with my hands and he said that if I did that, then the rest of my clothes would come off, too. So, I simply walked behind him, as closely as I could, hoping no one would see me. By the time we got halfway down the hallway, I was shivering, mostly because I was still terrified. When we got to his door, he told me to get into kneel 2, which I did. I then waited for him to unlock the door and then crawled inside at his command. As I went inside, I saw two people coming down the hallway from the parking garage. They were too far to see what we were doing, but I enjoyed the thought that, had I waited just another minute or two, there's no doubt I would have been seen. Once inside, he instructed me to remove my clothing and put on my cuffs, which I did with glee. I tried to tell him how I had enjoyed our trip to the movies, but he quickly silenced me with a 'shush.' As I was putting my cuffs on, he took a large blanket and placed it on the balcony. I assumed kneel 1 and waited for my owner to instruct me. He had me crawl out to the balcony and had me sit on the blanket, facing the courtyard, which I did reluctantly. His was the last balcony in the building, but it still faced another building - another set of balconies. He handed me the new vibrating butterfly and told me to put it on. I slipped my legs through the thin straps and positioned the butterly right on my clit. He seemed very pleased with me that I was not hesitating at all anymore. He then took two sets of handcuffs and cuffed my ankles to the railing so that my legs were spread wide and my pussy was facing out. I, again, started to become a little dizzy. It was almost as if he was doing his best to make sure someone saw what a slut I was today. He then hooked together my wrist cuffs behind my back, rendering me completely helpless. And just when I thought it wouldn't get any more potentially humiliating, he went inside for a few moments and came back with a blindfold, which he placed over my eyes. I was now completely exposed with a vibrator strapped to my pussy and couldn't move from the position. I was breathing heavy, and he told me how sexy I looked right then. That made me very happy. :) He turned on the remote controlled vibrator and turned it on high right away. He then kissed my forehead and whispered that he would be back soon. I heard him walk inside the apartment and close the patio door. Oh, fuck. I came almost instantly. Thoughts of others on their balconies watching me were circling in my head. I just KNEW that someone was watching. And I secretly was hoping they would masturbate while watching me and not interrupt in any way. God, I must have looked like such a fucking slut! This went on for quite some time. I pretty much lost track of time, but I know I came quite a few times. Every time, I would try to be as quiet as I could, but I know that some of them, I couldn't hold back the moaning. I felt the blanket so wet under my ass. I wanted so bad to fuck. Fuck anything. Anyone. I wanted to be completely full and I wanted to be used so badly. I felt so much as if I were the biggest whore in the city and I wanted everyone to use me for the slut I was. And, most of all, I wanted him to fuck me so badly. I could think of nothing else. I would sometimes hear people talking as they walked through the courtyard below, and I wondered if they could hear the buzz of the vibrating butterfly that buzzed so loudly in my head.' ME: Experienced lifestyler, late 30s, hwp, strict when necessary, loving when needed, always adheres to safety, sanity, consensuality, disease-free. Currently own one 24/7 slavegirl whom I absolutely adore. Seeking to build a small harem of slavegirls who will be fucked and used on a regular basis. YOU: Preferably new (so I can mold you), extremely submissive, attractive, hwp, missing something from your life even though you may not know what that is, clean, willing to learn your place, local and ready for true 24/7. Willing to experience true consensual sex slavery for a period of no less than 2 straight weeks in order to determine if this is the lifestyle for singles online If you're interested in speaking, send Me two or more pics (non-nude is ok). In the body of your email, tell Me when you first knew you were submissive, and the amount of experience you have had. Place 'Sinning in the City' so I know you are real. I am very real and will be happy to prove it when you reply.

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